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Advancing QC Consistency Through Procore

construction workers look over tablet of information

By Applications Software Manager Ralph Kreider and Director of Scheduling Russell Tipton

When it comes to construction, there’s getting the job done…and there’s getting the job done right. Over the last several years, we have been working to improve our overall project delivery by integrating Procore into our processes and procedures. One area where we were not utilizing Procore was our quality control (QC) procedures. By the end of the year, our projects will be using our redesigned QC procedures to integrate best practices and consistency.

Harkins’ QC program is based on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the three-phases of control.

The first phase is the preparatory phase, where we identify all project-specific Definable Features of Work (DFOW). For each definable feature, we will be using template checklists, adapted within Procore, to be project-specific using the project specifications and a database of thousands of items from our past projects. After the first representative sample of work has been installed, we will move into the second phase, which includes an initial inspection of each DFOW. In this phase, Harkins will review the work using the project-specific checklists developed in the preparatory phase. By completing these standardized inspections using Procore, our teams will benefit from the real-time feedback, improved communication, better documentation, and overall quality on a project.

The third and final phase is the follow-up phase. It is here that we consistently monitor construction to assure that we are following the contract requirements through the completion of DFOW. Procore enables us to document our quality checks and realize any deficiencies prior to turnover of a DFOW to our clients.

Since our goal is to eliminate quality issues before they are ever realized, we expect that our revised QC procedure will advance the quality of our projects and our overall project delivery.

Project Executive Ben Nichols Receives Award

Photos from award ceremony
Washington, DC

We are pleased to announce that the Awards & Recognition Committee of the Washington DC Post of the Society of Military Engineers (SAME) has selected Harkins Project Executive Ben Nichols to receive the award for Outstanding Contributions by a Young Civilian Member. The awards and recognition program was started in the 1990s to recognize members and their contributions to SAME and the industry. Group photo at awards ceremony

Ben began his involvement with SAME in 2009 by regularly attending events. In 2016, he was appointed to the Board of Directors as the program director for the Mid-Maryland Post. During this time, he helped to develop and execute the annual program schedule for members. As a result of his leadership with the Mid-Maryland Post, Ben participated in the 2018 Leadership and Mentoring Program, hosted by the Washington DC and Northern Virginia Posts. During this year-long program, he was one of ten participants who met with leaders and government representatives in the industry. The program focused on best leadership practices and top management principles.

He was nominated for the Outstanding Contributions by a Young Civilian Member award by Executive Director Dr. Robert Wolff, PhD, P.E. of Quality of Life Plus Program. When asked about the nomination, Dr. Wolff said “Ben was a member of the 2018 SAME Leadership and Mentoring Program and demonstrated the strong ethical character and confidence that stems from ones military experience. I was impressed by his willingness to express his opinions in the discussions with real life experiences from the military and with Harkins Builders. He has demonstrated leadership in this setting and I look forward to learning of his continued success in his professional pursuits.”

A ceremony to present this award was held on January 17, 2019 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Ben was joined by colleagues in support of receiving the prestigious award.

“To be recognized by SAME is a great honor,” said Ben Nichols. “I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given in the organization and I look forward to contributing to SAME throughout the remainder of my career.”

Harkins Senior Vice President Jim Thompson and Executive Director of SAME Joseph Schroedel with Project Executive Ben Nichols and his award.