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Preconstruction: Value in Early Involvement

By Project Executive Casey Hughes

Throughout the industry, preconstruction has become one of the most important pieces in the construction process. It’s the time where teams can have the most impact on design, cost, and schedule, as well as formulate and develop a construction strategy that will extend throughout the life of a project. From budgeting to sequencing, we can guide decision-making from concept creation through construction. We can make accurate projections for cost and schedule, providing cost-efficient design solutions that will allow our clients to pursue their projects successfully, starting at a very early stage.

Harkins works closely with all project stakeholders up front to allow for comprehensive estimating, detailed scope narratives, continuous value engineering, exhaustive logistics, detailed scheduling, and safety planning. We utilize the knowledge of our preconstruction department to verify that the numbers we establish in the budget are realistic, appropriately forecast future pricing trends, and have the proper trade partner coverage at the time of the final GMP development. As part of Harkins’ preconstruction process, the construction team is assigned early, and is involved in logistics, staffing, and scheduling. This early involvement gives the team a head start on actual construction with subcontract awards, submittals, and mobilization. Through successful preconstruction efforts, the outcome is an engaged team that can supply coordinated sets of construction documents and a GMP in line with the project budget. These outputs help to streamline the start of the project and align all project partners for a successful start.

The level of detail that Harkins invests into analyzing early design documents is what differentiates us from other contractors. We work to become the early authority on every aspect and detail of the job, including the scope, design parameters, project assumptions, budget, schedule, and more. In this market, in-house preconstruction services are more critical than ever. Volatile material pricing, a stressed labor market, and a disrupted supply chain are wreaking havoc on projects industry-wide. Harkins’ early involvement in preconstruction helps to alleviate a number of these issues. Having the ability to procure key materials, secure the right trade partners, and resequence a schedule to achieve the best outcome is essential to our efforts. With the right team and involvement in the process early on, Harkins is able to set the framework for a successful project for all stakeholders.