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The Harkins Header Throughout the Years

As we celebrate our 55th Anniversary, we open the Harkins Header archives to take a walk down memory lane. Did you know that the first issue of the Harkins Header was published in the Fall of 1972? This edition stated that the Header was a way to keep employees and their families informed about all things Harkins; what we are doing as a company, what we plan to do as a company, and who is doing it. Although the Header started out being published quarterly just for employees and their families, it has since shifted to being published three times a year and sent to over 4,000 of our clients, architects, consultants, business friends, and employees.

Over the course of the last 48 years, the magazine has undergone multiple revamps. While mastheads have shrunk and expanded, borders have come and gone, and fonts have changed, our iconic red color has been untouched. One of the most notable changes throughout the years has been the cover. Starting out being text-heavy and including hand-drawn graphics, our covers advanced within the first five years of production to feature black and white pictures. The cutting-edge publication then advanced to full-color printing and production in the summer of 2000. While the face of the magazine has evolved in response to trends in graphic design, the purpose has always been the same – to communicate the health of our business, promote our culture, feature our people and projects, and provide the thoughts of our leaders to our clients, architects, and employees. Additionally, it has served as a dynamic marketing piece for the company.

We would like to thank all our readers for supporting our endeavors along the way.

Harkins Header newsletter timeline since 1972