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Project Manager

Charlotte, NC
  • Responsible for the preconstruction phase of assigned projects.
  • Facilitate construction start through project closing as a liaison with the owner of assigned projects.
  • Ensure contract scope is understood by the entire site management team.
  • Supervise and evaluate assigned personnel and maintain a positive working environment for the entire site team.
  • Understand and actively participate in the business development objectives of the Company and the division.
  • Maintain professionalism and integrity in all contacts and dealings.
  • Promote a positive company image through professional and fair business relationships and community service.
  • Responsible for preconstruction phase of the project including but not limited to the following:
    • Understanding unique features and complexities of the project and making sure that they are reflected within the budget, especially in terms of schedule and general conditions.
    • Reviewing and updating budget clarifications and exclusions with every budget update.
  • Tracking changes in the budget line items via an accurate Budget Evolution Log.
  • Assisting our preconstruction team, the owner, and the design team with solutions to mitigate cost overruns and meet client expectations.
  • Leading the preconstruction efforts through the establishment of the GMP and finalization of the contract and its clarifications and exclusions, schedule, and general conditions.
  • Responsible for the production, quality, safety, and timely profitable completion of assigned projects, directly and through the site manager.
  • Proactively build and sustain relationships with targeted clients and initiate new project leads with architects, engineers, and owners.
  • Attend industry, social, and non-profit events to build relationships and identify new opportunities.
  • Prepare for and attend client introduction meetings and project interviews.
  • Ensure timely award, preparation, and execution of competitive and complete subcontracts, professional service contracts, and purchase contracts.
  • Ensure the site team is aware of and abides by all requirements that need to be fulfilled before a trade partner can work on-site, including but not limited to a signed contract, approved and up-to-date insurance certificate, bonding requirement, and/or any other special considerations.
  • Ensure that any contract over $200,000 has a 100% Payment and Performance Bond or a bond waiver that has at least two other types of protection with immediate supervisor approval.
  • Prepare final construction budgets and review general contracts under the direction of the immediate supervisor.
  • Prepare timely and accurate requisitions and ensure that all monies due are collected in a timely manner.
  • Understand and execute the terms, conditions, and requirements of the general contractor.
  • Hold our team, owner, design team, and trade partners to the requirements of the general contract (i.e., project schedule, changed conditions/events, delays, notices, etc.)
  • Conduct all progress meetings with the owner and design team, including the timely preparation and distribution of meeting minutes with updates and status of the project schedule and financial position.
  • Require weekly progress meetings with trade partners. Ensure that the site manager conducts these meetings and prepares thorough, professional, and specific meeting minutes in a timely manner.  Attend at least one meeting per month and review the meeting minutes bi-weekly with your assigned site teams.
  • Prepare change orders and time extensions in a timely manner and follow up on them through the approval process and payment.
  • Prepare and maintain a change order log which will support and validate the projections on the change order cost report.
  • Approve all transaction orders, invoices, and requisitions, ensuring that the accounting procedures in the field are in compliance with company procedures. Ensure that trade partner requisitions and invoices are submitted in a timely manner to the Accounting Department.  Ensure with the site team that trade partners are informed and receive copies of any changed requisitions.
  • Require the implementation of and compliance with the Company’s Safety Program for the project.
  • Require the implementation of and compliance with the Company’s Quality Control Program. Ensure site managers conduct a thorough preconstruction meeting with every subcontractor prior to the commencement of the subcontractor’s work, as well as any other meetings and inspections required to implement the Company’s four-phase Quality Control Plan.
  • Perform a job review prep session a few days prior to the assigned job review to provide a learning session for the site team.
  • Prepare for all job reviews and for the Company preconstruction and closeout meetings, ensuring that your assigned teams know and understand all aspects of these meetings.
  • Provide your immediate supervisor with a staffing plan for each of your assigned projects in order to assist with the overall staffing plan.
  • Conduct accountability coaching meetings with direct reports at least monthly to help them establish and achieve job performance and personal and professional development goals.
  • Ensure the project schedule is prepared in a timely manner and represents the logical/detailed progression of work with reasonable time frames for completion of milestones and overall completion.
  • Ensure the site team understands, implements, and updates the schedule at least monthly or more often as per contract requirements.
  • Work closely with the Estimating Department during the preconstruction process to provide valuable input that will result in a successful Preconstruction and GMP process, including the structured plan review process.
  • Conduct daily discussions with the lead superintendent concerning job progress and staff.
  • Become familiar with any job-specific requirements (HUD, DCA, FAR, etc.) as required and implement them so as not to delay or provide any cause for non-payment.
  • Resolve any contract disputes quickly and fairly so as not to delay any part of the project.
  • Exceed client expectations.
  • Attend required corporate meetings, training programs, and Harkins University seminars/webinars and reinforce those same requirements within your assigned teams.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.
  • Four (4)-year degree in an accredited construction-related curriculum (BSCE, BSAE, etc.) or experience equivalent to a 4-year degree.
  • Cumulative total of at least seven (7) years of progressive experience in ground-up new construction, preferably including prior employment as project manager, assistant project manager, or lead superintendent on negotiated or hard bid projects.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, coach, and train team members; monitor their work for quality and completeness; and foster a positive work environment that encourages the personal and professional growth of all team members.
  • Demonstrated success in managing multiple projects and teams.
  • Demonstrated a high level of achievement in the areas of project management, estimating, scheduling, budget/cost control, negotiation, field supervision, and financial reporting.
  • Excellent organizational, leadership, analytical, and communication skills, including the ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner, and to organize necessary resources, including people, materials, equipment, tools, and time to meet tight deadlines and achieve desired results.
  • High functional ability to understand, interpret, and implement plans, specifications, and other contract documents.
  • Demonstrated ability to calmly and professionally resolve or escalate issues with clients, trade partners, and other third parties in a timely manner.
  • Substantial knowledge of and experience with solicitation, negotiation, award, and management of subcontracts, including without limitations, preparation of bid, and subcontract scope language.
  • Understanding of scheduling logic/constraints.
  • Proficient with construction management software, including MS Excel, MS Word, MS Project, Procore, and other web-based and project management solutions.
  • Substantial knowledge of AIA contract documents, and in particular cost plus GMP contracts.
  • OSHA 30 Certification.
  • Certifications for CCM, PMP, PSP, DRMP, CEP, and LEED Accredited Professional Status are encouraged.


Harkins is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to, among other things, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, status as a protected veteran, or disability.

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