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Unlocking Safety Through Analytics

By Project Controls Executive Russell Tipton and Corporate Safety Director Bob Walsh

As Harkins is always striving for continuous improvement, advancements are being made in our ability to gain insights into our safety performance at a company-wide level. Over the past year, our safety committee has rolled out new inspection forms in Procore that are being used by all our project teams and the safety department. These Procore forms that are being generated by our project teams are also being used in conjunction with the data gathered from the daily reports and incident report forms to build a safety dashboard.

The dashboard is a comprehensive self-audit of our safety management system. It offers visual reports that display important safety indicators and key performance indicators (KPIs), with metrics including number and type of incident, inspection concerns, safety violations, and site safety inspection pass rates ranked by percentage. The live version of this dashboard, which went through a lengthy testing period before being rolled out to the company, is updated in real-time whenever the dashboard is accessed. We will be using this data to gain more insight into what the largest safety concerns are across the company, which trade partners perform well in terms of safety and which need improvement, and tailoring safety training and education efforts for both our own employees and trade partners. Below are benefits to utilizing this safety dashboard:

  • Inspection forms used by project teams and safety department
  • Comprehensive self-audit
  • Visual reporting that displays key safety indicators
  • Accurate metrics with number and type of incidents
  • Real-time dashboard that is accessible at all times
  • Drives awareness and accountability

As part of the Harkins family, our top priority is making sure everyone goes home safe after each and every day. That’s why we take safety so seriously. Improving construction safety cannot happen by accident – pun intended and we must continue to make a conscious, deliberate effort to do better. Our safety dashboard is a platform that will continue to drive awareness, accountability, and change. We look forward to the insight we will gain as a company and the positive impact that advancements like this will have on our project teams and trade partners.