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Looking Forward

By President and CEO Gary Garofalo

After celebrating our 50th anniversary back in 2015, we set the course for redefining our business model and delivering comprehensive client service for the next 50 years. We had the skilled personnel and financial resources to grow our company, so we set to work at expanding our geographical footprint into the Carolinas, diversifying our work product by building up our Commercial and Government Groups, and increasing the opportunities for Harkins to provide our services to new and existing clients.

Three years into our strategic plan, we have achieved significant year over year growth with over $400M volume put in place in 2018. Achieving that type of growth is not unheard of, but it can be hard to grow that fast and maintain the exceptional quality of service that our clients expect of us. One of the ways we gain feedback to drive improvement and see how we are doing is with owner and architect surveys completed after preconstruction and construction. Our project and executive teams review all of the survey results and thrive on the insights our client and architect partners offer. With an average score of 8.9 out of 10, we are very proud to create positive outcomes for all.

We are extremely mindful that this type of growth is difficult to sustain and will continue to measure our performance versus our growth to ensure that we have the resources in place to deliver exceptional construction services.

There is no way to experience this success without acknowledging the clients who entrust us with building their projects, all of the professional partners we team with to deliver exceptional results, and the shared values of our employee-owners. We are fortunate to have strong personal relationships with dozens of repeat clients, and we are excited to see the same quality relationships forming with new clients we have worked with in the last ten years.

It has never been enough for us to just be a great builder, or company to work for – our purpose has always been bigger. The more we accomplish, the more we feel the responsibility and importance of helping people who do not have the same opportunities that many of us take for granted. In addition to all of the community service programs our employees normally take part in each year, we are developing new projects that will allow us to share our good fortune.