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The Evolution of the Harkins Logo

Ever wonder how the Harkins logo came to be? Legend has it that the nine triangles of our logo are based on a doodle drawn by our founder Mr. Harkins himself. Known for always carrying a day-planner, he would often be found scribbling down his thoughts and drawing pictures. Although not confirmed, we can only assume that the sketch started out as an “H” and the nine triangles build structures that represented our groups and our values.


While the original triangle design remained unchanged for our first 50 years, after we hit our 50th anniversary, our executive team was putting plans into place to prepare the company for even greater success as we embarked on the next 50 years. As a result, we took a fresh look at how we presented ourselves to the outside world. We surveyed our clients, employees, and industry professionals with “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Harkins?” One of the findings was how many people referred to us simply as Harkins. Although still technically known as Harkins Builders, Inc. as our entity name, we dropped “Builders” from our logo in December 2016. This was done in large part to separate ourselves from the multifamily builder we were known to be and increase the emphasis on our other offerings such as commercial and government.

The refreshed brand system retained our signature red yet subtly reimagines the mark on the left of the triangles. Our logo looks forward while staying grounded in history, just like us.