The Brentwood

Baltimore, MD


Telesis Corporation


Marks Thomas


Renovations to a 13 story apartment building with apartments.



Project Scope
  • 150 units
  • 104,649 gsf
  • Existing Structure
  • Existing
  • 2-Pipe Fan Coil

The Brentwood

The Brentwood is a 13-story highrise mixed population development that houses mostly seniors. It is located in the Barclay neighborhood of downtown Baltimore and has 150 units. The project scope included the replacement of windows and balcony doors and new roof insulation, interior finishes, plumbing fixtures and risers, and mechanical and electrical systems. In addition, accessible units and common areas were reconfigured to meet the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.

The renovation of interior units was performed in a manner that emphasized responsible environmental stewardship and provided significant improvement to the quality, energy efficiency, and aesthetics of The Brentwood community. Durability and low maintenance requirements guided the selection of materials and building systems to assure that residents benefit from proposed upgrades for the long term. The interior non-bearing partition walls, with the exception of the proposed UFAS units, remained. The common use areas were also renovated to comply with UFAS, and the corridors were made wider so that all units are accessible by people with disabilities. The management office and mail area were renovated for accessibility as well.

This project is the result of HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD). Established in 2011 and launched in January of 2013, RAD is designed to preserve and improve the country’s stock of affordable rental housing by allowing public housing agencies and owners of HUD-assisted properties to convert units to project-based Section 8 programs. This provides an opportunity for private developers to invest in properties that are at risk of being lost from the nation’s affordable housing inventory. In 2015, the Housing Authority of Baltimore City sold The Brentwood to Telesis Corporation, our client for this renovation.

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