Rollins Ridge

Rockville, MD


Draiman Properties


Smolen - Emr + Associates Architects


Apartments over 18,000 sq. ft. retail



Project Scope
  • 99 units
  • 113,587 gsf
  • 2.00 acres
  • Steel Stud Bearing
  • Brick
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Electric Split System Heat Pump

Rollins Ridge

This mixed-use project is Harkins’ first for Rockville-based developer Draiman Properties. Located at Rollins Avenue and Rt. 355 in the heart of Rockville, Rollins Ridge is a five-story market rate apartment facility, providing 99 units of various configurations and retail space on the first floor. A three-level cast-in-place parking garage provides 210 spaces and access to the main building across a central courtyard.

The main building includes a variety of materials and systems. The elevated Hambro decks are supported by masonry towers and structural steel column and beam at the second floor, and prefabricated structural metal stud shear walls on the upper floors. Traditional K-joists support the built-up roof and the various parapet roof details, such as shingled mansards and standing metal seam pyramids. The exterior veneer is a mixture of masonry, cast stone, and siding elements over Densglass sheathing. The sheathing is covered with a Henry Air-Bloc breathable skin, a relatively new product in our geographic area, and an extremely effective weather barrier.

Because of the extremely compact site, bounded by buildings on two sides and public rights-of-way on the other two, the garage was built first, and then utilized for staging materials and equipment for the main building. Harkins led the coordination effort required between the structural and groundwork crews. The team responded to a footing redesign by erecting the first floor structural steel before the on-grade slabs were poured, minimizing the overall delay, and keeping production going. In response to the proximity of power lines along Rollins Avenue, a specially designed, unconventionally narrow, full-height scaffolding system with additional protective mesh screening was erected along the whole facade.


Mid-Atlantic Construction Magazine
Best of 2007
Merit Award

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