Mixed Use - Featured Projects

Code issues on mixed-use projects are complicated, and Harkins' intensive preconstruction analysis ensures that fire separations between differing use groups are handled properly. The typical mixed-use project has a tight site with little or no staging area, so sheeting and shoring may be required because of adjacent buildings, as well as hoists and tower cranes for unloading materials and structural erection. Mixed-use construction schedules tend to be longer than for suburban projects, and require a lot of planning, sequencing, and input from all parties. Harkins' partnership approach to coordination and communication between owner, consultants, and subcontractors is a major factor in our success, and Harkins' large pool of top subcontractors with experience in high-density projects is critical. At the completion of the project, Harkins' experience with all the differing local authorities means a smooth Use and Occupancy certification.