Monticello Gardens

Falls Church, VA


Snell Construction Corporation


Wiencek + Associates Architects + Planners


Renovation of 734 apartments and new construction of 60 new units.



Project Scope
  • 794 units
  • 543,480 gsf
  • Existing Structure
  • Existing
  • Brick
  • Existing HVAC

Monticello Gardens

Monticello Gardens was a six-phase renovation to 734 apartments in nine buildings. Sixty laundry rooms were converted into 60 new efficiency units. Phase 1 included exterior renovations, i.e. landscaping, building entry canopies, trash enclosures, site concrete, mailboxes, window sill repairs, removal and repairs to decorative masonry partitions at building entries, new balcony railings, new balcony and patio doors, and new windows.

Apartment renovations took place in the remaining five phases. The scope of work included all new kitchens, modifications to the bathrooms, new trim, a fresh coat of paint, upgrades to the HVAC thermostat, kitchen and bath exhaust, and new light fixtures and electrical devices.

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