Health Care for the Homeless

Baltimore, MD


Health Care for the Homeless


Kann Partners


Medical clinic and offices



Project Scope
  • 56,000 gsf
  • 0.50 acres
  • Structural Steel
  • Brick
  • Split Face Block
  • Water Source Heat Pump

Health Care for the Homeless

This 56,000 sf building has a steel frame with a caisson and grade beam foundation. The project was originally designed to be certified LEED Silver; however, after reviewing the LEED criteria in detail, it was determined that the project could achieve LEED Gold certification.

Video: The HCH team on building this award-winning sustainable project.

The roofing system is highly reflective and uses a Thermal Plastic Olefin membrane. On approximately one-third of the roof, a special lightweight soil mix was installed in which sedums were planted to create a green roof. This design not only represented a creative stormwater management solution, but also provides enough green habitat to earn LEED points in that area. This is the first building in the city that has used such a system to meet the new stormwater management requirements.

Maximum use was made of natural light throughout the building. A skylight on the roof provides light to the second floor reception area. Glass panes in doors, transoms, and sidelights allow light into the many clinic exam rooms, even on the interior side of hallways.

The project required a very sophisticated HVAC system to meet the requirements of LEED Gold. The design called for over 130 water source heat pumps throughout the facility. A rooftop Energy Recovery Unit provides the necessary air exchanges within the building. The ERU has a heat wheel to help conserve energy. The heat wheel captures heat from the exhausted air of the building and transfers that heat into the incoming air by spinning into the incoming air stream. This heat transfer helps temper the incoming air, allowing the rooftop unit to operate much more efficiently and save on utility costs.


ABC Metro Baltimore
Awards of Excellence Merit Award
New Construction $5 - $10M

ULI Baltimore District Council
WaveMaker Award

Mid-Atlantic Construction Magazine
Best of 09
Award of Merit (Small Project)

USGBC Maryland
Project of the Year
New Construction

Green Project

LEED for NC Gold (Certified)

Alternative Transportation
Energy Reduction: 20%
Exemplary Water Reduction: 36%
Green Roof for SWM Compliance and
22.2% Area Protected & Restored for Habitat
Ultra-Violet Air Purification
Water Efficient Landscaping
100% No Potable Water
Construction Waste Diverted from Landfill: 85%
Recycled Content: 37%
Regional Materials Extracted, Processed, and Manufactured: 27%
CO2 Monitoring
IAQ Management During Construction
IAQ Management Before Occupancy
Low VOC Paints
Thermal Comfort Verification
Green Housekeeping

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