Harkins HQ Columbia

Columbia, MD


Harkins Builders, Inc.


The Verve Partnership


22,000 sf interior build-out



Project Scope
  • 22,000 gsf
  • Existing Structure
  • Existing

Harkins HQ Columbia

Located at 10490 Little Patuxent Parkway in Columbia, MD, our new headquarters is open for business on December 5, 2016. We designed and fitted out 20,000 sf on the fourth floor at 60 Columbia Corporate Center, where 80 employees are based. This space reflects our new market-based corporate structure, and is designed to help us take our 50-year history of comprehensive client service to the next level.

The majority of the Harkins team works in open work spaces, where particular attention was paid to acoustics, and a balance between collaboration and privacy. There are also team rooms that division leaders and preconstruction managers use as their offices. Additionally, our new office features a coffeehouse and lounge area, a training center, and an abundance of meeting, private work, and phone call spaces.

Harkins knew the redesign would bring everyone in closer proximity to one another, but never imagined the other positive ramifications the space would have on employee spirit. A survey confirmed this design has resulted in increased employee happiness and engagement, more seamless teamwork, and increased productivity. A company that was once change-and-risk-averse has reorganized and relocated to a completely different kind of office space in a completely different neighborhood.

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