Georgetown Healthcare Center

Georgetown, DE


Harrison Senior Living


Gauzza Architects, LLC


Interior renovation of 53 skilled nursing resident rooms.



Project Scope
  • 53 units
  • 21,200 gsf
  • 1.00 acres
  • Existing Structure
  • Existing
  • Existing HVAC

Georgetown Healthcare Center

Georgetown Healthcare Center is a skilled nursing facility in Sussex County, Delaware. The project scope included the renovation of 53 resident rooms, consisting of 48 two-bedroom units, four one-bedroom units, 29 toilet rooms, and one quad room that was converted into two two-bedroom units. The work inside the units took place in phases since residents had to be moved to other units while the work took place.

Resident Room renovations included all finishes, including new flooring, low VOC paint and stain, ceiling tiles, light fixtures, sink and faucet, and ADA accessible vanities. Koroseal wall protection was added in all of the rooms to prevent damage to the walls from wheelchairs and walkers. In addition, new plumbing fixtures, tile, low VOC paint, and special swing-down grab bars were added in the toilet rooms. The renovations in the quad room were more extensive and included adding walls, doors, HVAC PTAC unit, ductwork, a sprinkler system, fire alarms, and a nurse-call button. All materials used in this project were chosen for their higher healthcare properties for disinfection and durability.

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