Ft. Story Army Reserve Center

Ft. Story, VA


US Army Corps of Engineers, Ft. Eustice ROICC


The Mason & Hanger Group


Training, maintenance, and storage facility for 600-member Army Reserve unit.



Project Scope
  • 69,317 gsf
  • 13.00 acres
  • Sructural Steel
  • Brick
  • 4-Pipe Fan Coil

Ft. Story Army Reserve Center

This three-building facility was our second project at Ft. Story, near Virginia Beach. The Army Reserve Center is a two-story office building with a single-story storage area and cafeteria/meeting room. The Organization Maintenance Shop is a two-bay maintenance shop. The third building is an unheated pre-engineered metal building to be used for storage. The site work included major site preparation with seven feet of fill to bring the site up to 13′ above sea level, as it fronts on the ocean.

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