Cumberland Gardens

Allentown, PA


Pennrose Properties, LLC


Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC


Redevelopment of Affordable Housing Community



Project Scope
  • 200 units
  • 203,196 gsf
  • Wood Frame
  • Brick
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Gas Furnace/AC

Cumberland Gardens

Cumberland Gardens is a multi-phase extensive renovation/reconfiguration of an Allentown Housing Authority townhouse property that was built in 1968. In Phase 1 there has been a combination of renovation of units, reconfiguring larger (five-bedroom) units into two one-bedroom units, and demolition of select buildings to create room for some new buildings.

Phase 1A was completed with ARRA/Stimulus funds, consisting of the renovation of the community building and the renovation of 14 units. Phase 1B included the renovation of 56 units and the construction of four new stacked flats in one building.

Cumberland Gardens Phase 2 included the renovation of 56 townhouse units and the construction of 14 new flats. Six of the existing buildings were demolished to create room for five new apartment buildings.

Following the completion of Phase 1A, 1B, and 2, Phase 3 was the fourth and final phase of the master plan. This phase included the renovation of 45 townhouses, and construction of 11 new townhouses.

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