The professionalism, dedication, and commitment to work as a team in constructing the Lutheran Village at MILLER'S GRANT were not only promised when Harkins Builders were interviewed, they were delivered during both the preconstruction and construction phases of our project.

Roy Chiavacci

Executive Vice President, Carroll Lutheran Village

Project: The Lutheran Village at MILLER'S GRANT

This project was extremely complex, with many different variables. We would not have had the ability to complete this project without the assistance and guidance set forth by Harkins. We truly appreciate their efforts and support.

J.J. Vigil

Operations Manager

Project: Delaware Joint Armed Forces Reserve Center

A particular thank you goes to Harkins Builders. They were very cooperative and very flexible in the execution of building the facility and complying with their contract.

Baltimore District Corps of Engineers

Project: Satellite Earth Terminal Station (SETS)

From the very beginning, it was apparent that we had hired the right company with the right expertise. They understood the quality end product that we desired, and at every point in the process they were always several steps ahead. The fact that we are already over 80% leased is due in no small part to the quality operation we’ve experienced with Harkins.

Ronnie Snyder

Director of Land Development, Atapco Properties

Project: Creekside Village

From the beginning we could sense Harkins' complete commitment to the sustainable goals of the project, which gave us confidence in them as a contractor that was not cutting LEED corners.

Cass Gottlieb

AIA, Kann Partners

Every member of the pre-construction team was on the ball and helped us to get this project closed. We are looking forward to working with them on our other developments, and we are looking forward to working with the vertical construction team to get Victoria Park at Sassafras Meadows built.

W. Andrew Hanson

Development Manager, Osprey Property Co.

Project: Victoria Park at Edgewater

The Harkins team has delivered another spectacular project!  And if I do say so myself, Victoria Park at Sassafras Meadows is our best project yet! In addition to being delivered approximately 8 weeks in advance, it also came in under budget with very few change orders (less than 20) including several deductions and additions.  Many thanks to your team… who were always courteous and professional and took great pride in their important roles.  In addition, I would like to thank…our estimators, who started this project off on the right foot.

W. Andrew Hanson

Development Manager, Osprey Property

Not only did Harkins rise to these challenges, but they surpassed every reasonable expectation for the breadth and depth of the success achieved in every aspect of this project.

Richard G. McCauley

President of the Board, Vantage House

Project: Vantage House

There is a Harkins system that's obvious, from building the model when you start, to the way they go through the scope and the spec so carefully. There's a clear attention to detail that's been developed over years, and that was obvious at the first meeting. It's really a great team to work with. Parkside Terrace has been just a home run for us.

Paul Browne

Director of Real Estate Development, Community Preservation Development Corporation

Project: The Overlook at Oxon Run

We've got contractors in all different areas and these guys are the best. They really are a great group of dedicated folks, who are very client oriented, with a can-do attitude. They really go beyond the call of duty.

Mark Dambly

President, Pennrose Properties, LLC

Project: Orchard Ridge

We return to Harkins for most of our projects because of the professionalism and commitment to excellence of your employees. As the proud owner of this building, we are pleased to give Harkins the highest marks for their performance.

Lisa Statchura

Housing Development Coordinator, CHAI

Project: Weinberg Village

In any project of this size, there are bound to be numerous challenges, and the true test of a business (or any) relationship is how those challenges are addressed. Over time I developed the deepest respect for the manner in which your company addressed issues head on, and always took full responsibility for their resolution in a manner that you could be proud of. Rather than "work to the rule," I found a willingness and a desire to see how you could exceed the standards set forth in the project documents.

Jeremy Rubenstein

President, Metro Properties, Inc.

Project: Allegro Apartments

I have had the privilege to work with Harkins on many projects. Each project presents unique challenges, but the constant has always been the tremendous relationship between our companies. The paramount consideration is working together to make the projects great, solve problems, and while holding each other accountable, treat each other fairly so that we can achieve mutual satisfactory results.

Jeffrey K. Hettleman

Executive Vice President, The Shelter Group

Those are real 10s! The Harkins pre-construction team was a huge asset and an invaluable resource throughout the process.

Ed Mullaney

Construction Manager, The JBG Companies

Project: Twinbrook Station Phase 1A