The Harkins Method

The process by which we succeed is as important as the success itself.

Harkins offers two services on every project: preconstruction planning and onsite construction management. Both contribute equally to success and are most effective when interdependent. We base our preconstruction services, including estimating and value engineering, on our construction experience. Our construction management, from subcontracting and supervision to scheduling and coordination, is continually supported and informed by the expertise of our preconstruction department.

The first step in our process is a meeting with our client to thoroughly review the scope of work and understand their needs. We then prepare a conceptual estimate from takeoffs, unit prices, and historical cost data. Once the scope and budget are established, the design process begins, with Harkins personnel as active members of the design team. Because we are integrally involved in design decisions, we can maintain control over costs and constantly update estimates to reflect design changes or new developments in the design concept. Our preconstruction experts continually monitor economic trends and material costs, and work together with our experienced construction managers to recommend the products, materials, construction systems, and design details that will provide the most efficient design for the money available. Cost is controlled, quality is maximized, and precious time is saved from costly re-design during construction.

At various times during the design process, Harkins’ team will conduct a STRUCTURED PLAN REVIEW℠ assessment, an independent analysis of the plans and specifications that eliminates design inconsistencies and maximizes construction efficiency. The team begins its construction planning by preparing the project schedule, staging plan, and subcontracting plan. They clarify project goals prior to construction. Harkins’ preconstruction process allows the project to get a running start once construction begins.

During construction, our experienced and highly motivated personnel maintain a close and open relationship with the client and design team. In bi-weekly meetings with the client and architect, Harkins reviews job progress, the status of submittals, and other job issues. These meetings identify and prevent potential problems before they affect the construction process. Our onsite personnel use various controls to manage daily operations, such as shop drawing logs, material control logs, submittal logs, and Total Quality Management (TQM) logs. The TQM log is a unique tool developed by Harkins to request and track project information. The team also prepares detailed daily reports and weekly schedules.

Harkins has an independent vice president of construction excellence and a corporate safety director, who ensure that our project teams meet their construction excellence goals and adhere to their safety plans on each project. Every project starts with quality and safety goals, and a specific quality assurance plan is written for each project and reviewed continuously throughout the project.

The Harkins Method is a successful blend of planning, communication, expertise, and teamwork that significantly reduces the construction time and cost on many projects. We welcome the opportunity to share our method and means of success with you.